Welcome to the Wonderful World of Special Effects for Hair Coloring with Colour Bunz®

Make Coloring Fun Again. Want highlights? Bunz it! Want lowlights? Bunz it! Want ombre? Bunz it!

For Highlights

  1. Mix bleach/lightener with developer in plastic applicator bottle
  2. Squeeze mixture into channel of the Bunz
  3. Prepare numerous Bunz for convenience
  4. Squeeze out some mixture into a plastic bowl, have a hair color applicator brush ready
  5. Select section of hair to be highlighted
  6. Apply the mixture to that section using the plastic bottle, or the brush and bowl method
  7. Pinch open the top of the Bunz and slide that section of hair into it.
  8. Apply more mixture on top of the hair in the channel via the plastic bottle.
  9. Gently squeeze the Bunz and clip at the top if necessary
  10. Set the timer
  11. Gentle open the Bunz channel to check color processing.
  12. When finished, unclip and slide the Bunz down and out.

Note 1: Saturation of bleach/lightener is essential for proper development and desired results (even when using foils, caps, etc…) therefore I preload the Bunz with my bleach mixture, paint the selected sections of hair with the bleach, slide it into the Bunz channel, and add more bleach on top. I do not have to preload the Bunz for other color techniques… just highlighting for palest blonde

Note 2: Volume of developer will depend on the desired results as does timing. Use the same judgment as you would with foils

Note 3: I usually clip the Bunz to assure no slippage, however it’s not always necessary. It will depend on the amount of hair per size channel and the viscosity of the color product.

Note 4: I personally do not process color with heat. However many colorists do use heat… you can use heat with Colour Bunz®

Note 5: Colour Bunz® can be used close to the scalp, or mid shaft, or just the tips of the ends.

Note 6: Colour Bunz® can be cut for short hair, and clipped back to back for longest hair. Hair that is slightly longer than the Bunz can be folded back into the channel.

Note 7: For close to scalp placement, start placement close to scalp, hold the Bunz firmly and gently pull the ends of the hair, sliding Bunz up to the scalp. Tuck loose ends back up into the channel.

For Lowlights/ Balyage/Gray Blending
(adding Pepper to the Salt!)

  1. Mix the color formula into a bowl. Use a brush for application.
  2. Section the hair, select the hair strands to be colored
  3. Paint the hair with the color formula.
  4. Slide that hair into the Bunz channel.
  5. Clip if necessary
  6. Set the timer
  7. Gently open the Bunz to check color development
  8. Unclip and slide the Bunz down and out to remove.

Note 1: Weave the hair, 2-3-4 across, paint with the color, twist the pieces together and slide into the channel.

Note 2: It’s easy to use 2 or more formulas down the shaft of the hair. the color will not overlap when put into the Bunz. This is a great technique for correcting spots along the shaft of the hair.

Note 3: This is a great technique for blondes who are afraid of lowlights…. Afraid of going too dark. By weaving across, twisting together the strands and putting into one Bunz, it’s a comforting visual to the client to only see 2-3 Bunz instead of all foils.

Note 4: Colour Bunz® prevent color spreading when doing balyage. It’s fast and easy to paint the balyage and put it in a Bunz

Note 5: Mix up foils and Bunz on one head! It gets the buzz going….

Protect delicate color with Colour Bunz®

  1. Paint the hair strands to be protected with conditioner or color glaze, then slide them into a Bunz.
  2. When the color is ready, rinse the base color out first, then slide the Bunz out. It’s painfree…

Note 1: This is a great technique to prevent a base color from staining soft delicate colors when it’s rinsed out and shampooed.

Note 2: This is a great opportunity to condition the hair while the base is processing. Great for clients who need a deep conditioner but don’t have the time.

Note 3: Charge for a conditioning treatment or glaze according to what you use

Note 4: When clients see the Bunz, the buzz starts. They all want them.

Note 5: Darker hair dyes may stain the Bunz but this will not affect their effectiveness